DIN 69871 | SK40/50
External Coolant Inducer
  • For adapting tools with cylindrical shank and flat by clamping screws.
  • Due to the screw, which acts as a physical stop, extreme holding force is achieved, preventing tool slippage and pullout during heavy machining conditions.
  • The External Coolant Inducer offers coolant capabilities directly to the cutting tool and is applied for machine spindles without through-coolant feature. 
  • Reduced overheating and deformation of the workpiece is achieved while allowing through-coolant cutting tools to provide faster metal removal rates by flushing chips out of the holes. 
  • Coolant delivery to the cutting edge is guaranteed which is required for higher-frequency applications. 
  • With reduced heat generation, tool life is also greatly extended. 
  • Water pressure up to 100 psi (7 bar).

    Remark: Water-soluble coolants only! Speeds up to max. 3.000 rpm.


ident.-no. order-no. d D L L2 L3
SK40-OSL32-165 0119-14032165 32 50 165 60 65
SK50-OSL32-165 0119-25032165 32 59 165 60 80
SK50-OSL40-170 0119-25040170 40 170 70
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