DIN 69893-5 | HSK-E40/E50
Form E hollow shank tapers are ideal for high-speed machine centers with spindle speeds over 25000 rpm. Torque is transmitted only non-positively. Tapers are all made rotationally symmetric. High-frequency tool holders are all fine balanced to 2.5G, 30000 rpm.
General rotation speed limits for DIN hollow shank tapers:

(The rpm limits were recommended as guideline values. No liability can be accepted for these specifications. HSC-operations only under optimal machining conditions, i.e rigid machines, sufficient coolant supply, rigid workpiece and tool clamping are highly recommended. Depending on the tool, it may be necessary for these maximum speeds to balance the tool holder and the tool together.)

HSK-E / DIN 69893-5 Hollow Shank
HSK-E D D2 max. L F M
40 40 34 20 20 M12x1
50 50 42 25 26 M16x1
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