Clip Power, your best partner for CNC tooling solutions made in Taiwan.
Located in Taichung, Clip Power is specialized in marketing and the
distribution of various cutting tools and accessories for CNC machines.
Popular products like COSTA end mills, COSTA collets and HERZOG shrink
fit chucks are well known on the asian markets.
Bringing new developed CNC products to different markets since the
establishment in 1981, we are able to offer you more than 30 years of
experience, technical knowledge and reliability in the world of
metalworking. Clip Power is your best partner to approach Taiwanese
machine cutting tools, because we have an export sales department with
commercial correspondence, a technical sales department which offers
best possible tooling solutions, a quality control department which
guarantee the best quality for the Taiwanese cutting tool manufacturers
before production process and before export, as well as an accounting
department for matters relating to international remittances.
Among its selling products Clip Power is currently able to provide (A) COSTA solid carbide cutting tools, (B) LK tool holders, (C) HERZOG shrink fit units, (D) COSTA precision collets and various CNC accessories. We welcome every small and large order from all over the world, and are also able to undertake any OEM or ODM orders.
Our products are all 100% made in Taiwan and are always committed to carefully upholding the principles of quality, continuation, innovation and improvement that define us, and help us to achieve our goals. From orders, manufacturing to delivery all ensure each product has its high quality. Our vision is to become a well known supplier for high quality CNC machine cutting tools made in Taiwan, and creating together the largest benefit between sellers, ourselves and the manufacturing facilities.

While  integrating high quality products from Taiwan's leading manufacturers, Clip Power continues pursuing its goal to become the best recognized company for CNC machine cutting tools in Taiwan. Furthermore target and promote to high professional distributors of CNC cutting tools and CNC machine tools worldwide purchasing large orders, as well as to manufacturing facilities.
In the future Clip Power seeks to satisfy more and more customers from different countries with Taiwanese engineering and enlarge its international sales market.
Advanced Manufacturing Processes

The key to manufacturing high performance tools at marketable prices today is to use the very latest
technology. Therefore our manufacturing facilities have to meet the same demands as our tools. They have
to be productive, economical and up to date.
Our specialized manufacturing facilities are also built up by ROLLOMATIC, WALTER and MAKINO grinding
machines to guarantee the manufacturing of precise cutting tools, accurate tool holders …etc. The ZOLLER
measuring systems on-site are able to inspect the cutting tools strictly, even tools with a diameter less than
0.1mm. Furthermore, with modern PLATIT and IONBOND coating units the abrasive, adhesive and crater wear
on the cutting tools can be greatly reduced and tool life extended. Also equipped with HAIMER balancing
machines high-frequency tool holders can be fine balanced to meet the needs of modern high-speed machining.
Production with the highest standards of quality and subject to strictest quality control. The result is the best
quality, piece by piece.

Currently, the specialized manufacturing facilities occupy more than 20.000 square meters, which are divided to
different locations to support various manufacturing functions. In addition, professional examination of
concentricity, surface, roughness, roundness and balancing of different tools are made on-site by the responsible
quality assurance department.
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